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3D printer

Stepper motor is a very important power component in 3D printer. Stepper motor, some brands of 3D printer adopt 50 models of stepper motor (that is, the diameter of motor outer circle is 50mm).

With 200 steps per week and 1.75 mm pitch of Z axis, it can be calculated that the layer height of each step of 3-D printed product is "1.75 mm_200 steps = 0.0875 mm thickness". The same is true for X axis and Y axis. This is not the final result. In our technology, we can use programming technology to subdivide the step motor into 20 steps, that is, 0.0875 mm thickness. Mm divided by 20 equals 0.004375.

This figure is lower than the molecular weight of the printed material, so it is not accurate to determine the accuracy only according to the layer later. Of course, only by mastering the core technology can this be achieved.In 3D printer, stepper motor stability and operation accuracy directly affect the printing problem of 3D printer. Our stepper motor plays a very important role in 3D printer.