CNC equipment manufactured in Egypt

CNC equipment manufactured in Egypt


TDL motor has high power density, strong overload capability, good sinusoidal back EMF, sinusoidal current drive, good low-speed characteristics, motor inertia is particularly suitable for machine tool feed drive, long motor life. It adopts fully enclosed structure, beautiful appearance and compact structure. Low electromagnetic noise, smooth operation and high efficiency. High-speed and high-precision photoelectric encoder can be used for high-precision speed and position control with high-performance driving unit. IP65 protection level is adopted to ensure the reliable use of the motor in the environment temperature of - 15 ~40 ~C and dust and oil mist environment. Imported high precision bearing and rotor dynamic balancing technology is adopted to ensure that the motor runs stably and reliably within the maximum speed range, with low vibration and noise. It has high torque inertia ratio and strong fast response ability.