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Meet us at the 6th Asian 3D Printing Exhibition


Guangzhou Lanjing Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of sports control products. Over the years, the company upholds the concept and purpose of quality first, customer first and service first.We showcased all our products at the 6th Asian 3D Printing Exhibition.You are welcome to arrange to meet with us at any time to discuss our existing products and tell us your idea to develop products together.

At the 6th Asian 3D Printing Exposition held in October 2018, the founder of Lanjing Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and "3D Printing World" shared product ideas and views on the 3D printing industry.

"3D Printing World": Can you introduce the original intention or background of the establishment of Lanjing in Guangzhou?

Lan Jing: Thanks to the rapid development in China this year, the industry of intelligent motion control has developed rapidly. The market scale of stepper motor has increased by 15%-20% annually. So in 2013, the founder chose the industry of stepper motor in the motion control system. At first, he set up a company in Wuxi. One year later, due to the reasons of upstream and downstream supply chains, we said that the company moved to Guangzhou and has operated so far.

"3D Printing World": Many fields need to be applied to motors. So, why did Lanjing choose the field of 3D printing?

Lanjing: The founder found that in some application fields of stepping motor, such as office automation, security and other industries, most of the market share is occupied by domestic leading enterprises and Japanese enterprises. In the emerging application areas, its application growth is accelerating, the market is still decentralized, especially in the case of 3D printers, which is expected to become a new growth explosion point in the industry in the future, so the company decided to enter the 3D printer industry.

"3D Printing World": Compared with other similar motors, what advantages does your company have for the motor products of 3D printers?

Lanjing: What Lanjing did at the beginning of its establishment was HB hybrid stepping motor. In early 2018, it established PM permanent magnet motor business department, and expanded the quality, research and development team. We have relative advantages in providing integrated product solutions to customers, and can respond to customer needs at a very fast speed.

3D Printing World": Compared with motors in other fields, what is the most difficult problem in the development of 3D printer motors?

Lanjing: Customers of 3D printers have higher requirements on temperature rise and noise. Our research team has spent a lot of time on these two painful points of customers, and has made breakthroughs at present.

"3D Printing World": What is the concept of Lanjing's products?

Lanjing: The value of Lanjing is "honesty, quality first, customer orientation, win-win". With these 16 words of motto, we create corporate culture and make sentimental products in order to achieve the common progress of customers, suppliers and employees.

World of 3D Printing: Views on the Future Trend of 3D Printing?

Lanjing: 3D printing emerged from the 1980s and 1990s, and has entered a rapid development period in recent years. The application of 3D printing has become more and more extensive. With the development of technology, the aerospace, automotive and medical industries will become one of the most promising advanced manufacturing technologies in the industrial 4.0 era. Lanjing has the ability and confidence to become one of the excellent suppliers of 3D printing customers along with the tide of common progress.