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popular stepper motor driver inquire now for sale

popular stepper motor driver inquire now for sale

Popular stepper motor driver inquire now for sale

Trade Terms
EXW, FOB, Cif.
Place of Origin
Guang Zhou City, Guangdong Province, China
ZL 2017 2 1229486.1
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Product Overview
DM542 digital medium and low voltage stepper motor driver, using 32 bit DSP technology, is suitable for driving 42, 57 series motors, with excellent low and medium speed performance, can meet the application needs of most small and medium-sized equipment.
With the built-in micro-subdivision technology, even under the condition of low subdivision, it can achieve high subdivision effect. It runs smoothly at medium and low speeds and has little noise. The driver integrates the function of parameter self-tuning, which can automatically generate operation parameters for different motors and maximize the performance of the motor.

Product Features

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(1) Product structure
Stepper motor consists of connecting wire, shock absorber pad, switching power supply, coupling, gear, pulley, encoder and synchronous belt.
(2) Materials
Anti-corrosion design from inside to outside, through long-term salt spray test
(3) Size
Length*Width*Height(cm)/According to customers' specific requirements
(4) Finishing
Anti-corrosion design from inside to outside, through long-term salt spray test
(5) Models we can do
Two-phase stepping motor, three-phase stepping motor and PM linear motor
Parameter Table

Input power

20-50V DC power supply

Output Current

1.0 A-4.2A, 8 gears adjustable

Driving Method

Bipolar constant current PWM driver output.

Subdivision Setting400-25000 (step/turn)

While producing TDL stepper motor driver, the quality of materials are taken into seriously. This product is a perfect gift for garden lovers and bird lovers
TDL stepper motor driver is manufactured based on the industry-leading technology. The product is made of non-toxic scent-free materials
While fabricating TDL stepper motor driver, advanced technologies and equipment are used. The materials used in this product will not store a lot of heat
TDL stepper motor driver is designed and produced by our engineers with the utilizations of best quality materials and sophisticated tools. The product is designed with good ventilation
With the assistance of a team of innovative and experienced designers, TDL stepper motor driver is given a wide variety of design styles. It will add style to the patio or garden area
Our quality control personnel are responsible for the continuous small changes to maintain production in the specified parameters and ensure product quality. The product is designed with a mold-free drainage hole
Professional quality management personnel, ensure the product 100% quality. It is suitable for common wild and garden birds, such as Blue tits, coal tits, marsh tits, great tits, tree sparrows, etc
This product meets some of the world’s most stringent quality standards, and more importantly, it meets customers' standards. The size of this product can be customized
This product performance is superior, the service life is long, enjoys the high prestige in the international. The product sells well in the European and American markets
The product is stable in quality and superior in performance. It can be hung on trees or placed in gardens and patios
Our professional technical team has greatly optimized the performance of our products. The product is designed with good ventilation
People can relief that there are no herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, or other chemicals residual in the fibers of this product. The product brings many benefits to the bird takers
It does not need special treatment or designated cleaning methods. It is easy to care with just a simple and proper washing method. The product can be customized with a roof to protect birds from rain and snow
Due to its excellent versatility, the product provides different application possibilities, such as applying in our daily supplies, medical tools, garment, etc. The product aims to offer comfort and convenience to birds
Our customers all appreciate the good moisture control and insulation performance of this product, and it can be used all-year-round. The product is sure to provide bird lovers with plenty of enjoyment as birds congregate on it
People will not find any loose thread or inferior seam or stitching on this product. All of its jointing parts are done professionally. The product is totally handmade with great workmanship
Even people stretch or pull it for many times, it can rebound to its original shape thanks to its fine elasticity. The product is not likely to be destroyed by rains
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