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TDL 28 HB Direct Current brushless Stepping Motor—1.8°

TDL 28 HB  Direct Current brushless Stepping Motor—1.8°

TDL 28 HB  Direct Current brushless Stepping Motor—1.8°
  • TDL 28 HB  Direct Current brushless Stepping Motor—1.8°

TDL 28 HB Direct Current brushless Stepping Motor—1.8°

Guangzhou Lanjing Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. possesses the world-renowned brand TDL.
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Application Scope
Lanjing's stepper linear is widely applicable in the Manufacturing Motors industry.Lanjing insists on providing customers with comprehensive solutions based on their actual needs, so as to help them achieve long-term success.
Enterprise Strength
  • Lanjing wholeheartedly provides intimate and reasonable services for customers.
Company Advantages
1. TDL 2-phase stepping motor is provided with the highest standard of durability and quality. Our production team adopts with the RTM technology to create superior product with structural strength.
2. The product is of high quality and reliable performance.
3. Strict quality inspection ensures the quality of products.
4. The product is extensively demanded in the market due to its unsurpassable advantages.
5. The product has helped TDL establish a long-term cooperative relationship with a number of well-known enterprises.
product description
TDL stepper motor has a wide range of applications, with low noise, strong stability, high accuracy, small size, high torque, low price, simple assembly and other characteristics.

product features

TDL 28 HB  Direct Current brushless Stepping Motor—1.8°-1
(1) Product structure
Stepper motor consists of connecting wire, shock absorber pad, switching power supply, coupling, gear, pulley, encoder and synchronous belt.
(2) Materials
Anti-corrosion design from inside to outside, through long-term salt spray test
(3) Size
Length*Width*Height(cm)/According to customers' specific requirements
(4) Finishing
Anti-corrosion design from inside to outside, through long-term salt spray test
(5) Models we can do
Two-phase stepping motor, three-phase stepping motor and PM linear motor

product details
Product parameters


Step Angel





Holding torque

Rotor inertia




















Comment:H stands for the length of motor, the length of shaft and parameters can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Company Features
1. Guangzhou Lanjing Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. possesses the world-renowned brand TDL.
2. Made by the most advanced machine, the quality of 2-phase stepping motor can be guaranteed.
3. We have a strong commitment to sustainable development. By utilizing the latest production technologies, we attempt to reduce emissions and increasing recycling. We are active in implementing business sustainable development. During our production, we will minimize electricity consumption by adopting power saving facilities and reduce water consumption by recycling reusable water. We actively advocate the enterprise spirits of ' pragmatic and innovative'. We are committed to improving product value, optimizing the product ranges, and creating more distinctive products. We will achieve a balance between business profit and environment protection. Now, we have made significant progress in reducing waste pollution, including water and waste gas pollution.
TDL 2-phase stepping motor is manufactured in conformity with the principle of lean production. It is characterized by low-speed and high-torque
The development of TDL 2 step motor is conducted by a team of professionals. Its rotation speeds can be switched differently
TDL 2-phase stepping motor, made of the finest quality materials, has a touch of class. This product is superior in low heat generation
The raw materials of TDL 2 step motor are of high quality. It is sourced from top grade suppliers whose materials are in line with the quality standards. It starts and stops with strong stability
These China-made custom 2 step motor features exquisite finishes. It has a cooling system to lower its operating temperature.
The product has an elegant translucent appearance. It has gone through vitrification and sintering at a temperature of up to 2000 degree Fahrenheit, which gives it a unique brightness, whiteness, and translucency. The product can maintain its torque when stopped
The product stands out for its dimensional stability. It can maintain the original pleating and don't easily shrink or elongated. It has much lower levels of vibration
The product is less likely to break over time. Its high-quality grade stainless steel is finely welded to guarantee its physical strength. Thanks to its high magnetic flux, it has a characteristic of high precision
The product will not release any toxic gas or odor during the barbeque. Even under high temperature, the 304 stainless steel material used in it meets the food grade standard and it's proved by related authorities that it is safe for barbeque uses. This product has large shaft bearing capacity
The product is designed to carry either large loads. It can afford maximum load capacity in the smallest possible space. WIth Micro-step drive technology, it features high accuracy
The product features chemical resistance. It can resist the effects of chemicals like acids, salts, and alkalis and won't easily swell or soften. It is characterized by low-speed and high-torque
The product is cost-effective, efficient, and robust enough to handle the rigorous demands of the refrigeration industry such as food and beverage sector. It's mainly used in 3D printers, digital cameras, CNC machines tools, etc
The product has been used as a versatile material in engineering for many years. It can meet nearly any mechanical requirement. The product can flexibly adapt to the program instruction
People said that this product allows less frequent replacement. Therefore they are able to save maintenance costs as many as possible. This product is superior in high positioning accuracy
Our customers appreciate it very much mainly because it is highly resistant to color fading, high strength, and its finely made sewing. It is characterized by low-speed and high-torque
People are able to set assured that this product will never be out of shape under harsh and extreme industrial environments. Made of superior steel, the product has a strong and firm structure
People can be assured that there are no heavy metal elements or formaldehyde element which are harmful to their health. The product has the advantage of rust prevention
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